Design time- NEW PUPPET SHOW

We have started creating our new show! Check out the design photos of the work in progress. ‪#‎puppetry‬ ‪#‎mask‬ ‪#‎yyc‬

Green Fools is Artist in Residence at Leigh Square Arts Village for the creation of our new family puppet show. The story follows a mouse caught in a flood. She meets other animals along the way as she tries to find home. It’s about how we face change. It’s about courage and compasson. And it’s a one woman musical puppet extravaganza starring the one and only Jamie Konchak! Directed by the invincible Ron Jenkins! Composed by the dashing David Rhymer! Written and designed by the plucky Jennie Esdale! We’re going to post as we make, so follow us as the show evolves!

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