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Each new theatre show is hand crafted, original and collaboratively created. Each work takes two years to develop and employs many artists.

In order to produce new work, we rely on project funding. We have been extremely successful in a national competitive context: we have been awarded project funding for the majority of our new work initiatives and we have been able to present a new show almost every season. We typically work on one piece in a year, present it in the following year while starting on a new project in that same year. On some occasions, we are unable to present every year, making some years a non-presentation year due to funding or more often, scheduling of touring work and workshops or years when we have had to find/ move to a new venue or face other administrative challenges.

Some of our work is designed to tour and built for a long life, while others hare built for specific engagements and venues. Have a look at our new work in development, our current touring productions and our past work.

Ever wonder what it feels like to be ten feet tall?