Project: Whooping Crane

Project: Whooping Crane illuminates this dramatic North American environmental story in a style that is universally accessible, emotionally uplifting and joyously entertaining.
Audience All Ages
Language No words
Genre Theatre, puppetry, mask, music
Running Time 55 minutes
Venue Flexible, however best performed in a controlled, black box setting (minimum 20 x 20 ft)
Lights & Sound Requires stereo sound sytem
Notes Can be performed in a festival setting, requires extended initial setup

Only found in North America, the Whooping Crane population was once reduced to only 16 birds. Tireless experimental conservation efforts have brought the Whooping Crane back from the brink.

Project: Whooping Crane is a inspired tale that follows the lives of two cranes- one taken from the wild and placed in a captive breeding program and the other born in captivity and released into the wild- and the human stewards who dedicate their lives to the survival of the Whooping Crane.

Created and presented by Green Fools Theatre, Project: Whooping Crane intertwines art and science in a breathtaking mix of music, mask, and life-size puppetry. Using original sound design, including musical compositions and sample crane sounds, this show is the result of extensive study and direct consultation with biologist to ensure authentic portrayal of the world of the Whooping Crane and their human stewards.

An emotionally uplifting and joyously entertaining tale that illustrates our responsibility


“The Green Fools remind us of the magic of theatre.” …

“As a matter of fact, this is one piece I would recommend to everyone I know.”…

“Project: Whooping Crane proves enchanting and educational for all ages.” …

“It’s simply a remarkable example of theatrical storytelling.” …

“This is a show for all ages and, child or adult, I predict the reaction will be the same- sheer delight.”…

“…every element of the play is sure to captivate audiences.’”  Jocelyn Grosse, FFWD Weekly

“In the play, Dean Bareham and Jennie Esdale embody the birds as puppets that are as plausible as they are breathtaking.”…

“Without a hint of preaching, Project: Whooping Crane conveys a subtle message of environmentalism and a lingering sensation of tenderness.” Graeme McElheran, Calgary Herald


WRITERS Jennie Esdale, Eileen Sproule, Dean Bareham, Dave Clarke

DIRECTOR Original: Eileen Sproule, Tour: Jennie Esdale


DESIGNERS Dean Bareham, Jennie Esdale

PERFORMERS Dean Bareham, Tour: Jamie Tognazzini/or Leda Davies. Original: Jennie Esdale


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