Helping Calgary Youth one stilt walker at a time.

Baseer is an 8 year-old who is new to Canada. He and his family are from Afghanistan and were forced to flee the Taliban, so for two years they were living in very poor conditions in a safe house in Pakistan. They arrived in Calgary in June 2013 and just a few days after their arrival they were hit by the devastating floods of that summer and lost their home. Not only did they have to deal with the depression and hardships of being refugees, they tasted loss and displacement of the flood when they arrived in Calgary.

When Baseer and his brother were chosen to be part of the Green Fools Social Circus Program they were a bit apprehensive as they did not speak English. However the Social Circus Program welcomed Baseer and his brother and provided an inclusive, supporting and inspiring week. After seeing the instructors perform circus tricks and then having their thrilling experiences with stilt walking, juggling, unicycle and trapeze and having fun with other kids, their fears were gone and they were hooked!  When Baseer’s dad saw the children’s final performance at the end of the week, he said: “My children learned so much from the camp:  motivation, self esteem, courage and self confidence. They were so happy at the camp you cannot imagine!”

So how is Green Fools able to invite Baseer and other Calgary kids to camp at no charge to them? That’s where wonderful Calgarians like you come in!

Getting disadvantaged kids to circus camp:
With the support of folks like you, Green Fools Theatre is proud to offer free the Social Circus Program for youth at risk, new immigrants and first nation youth, ages 8 and up.

This arts based program is more than just a circus. The carefully planned activities have long term benefits for these youth, building their confidence and sense of belonging and teaching them to work as a team with other youth. Those skills will help them in their everyday interactions with other kids all through the year.

Baseer is just one of our success stories. However there are more Calgary kids who would benefit greatly from this program. Will you help us to get more of them to camp?

Green Fools is the ‘go to’ place for circus arts in Calgary.

How do “The Fools” do it?

Green Fools Theatre is a local charity launched in 1991, committed to developing and promoting the arts of mask, puppetry, circus, and physical performance. Green Fools Artistic Director, Dean Bareham, who formerly worked with Cirque de Soleil, has devoted his life to physical theatre arts, touring worldwide. He is a leader in Social Circus and has brought the program to those in need in remote areas in Northern Canada, Africa, and his hometown, Calgary.

Social Circus Camp can include stilt walking, clown, mask, mime, juggling, acrobatics, wire walking, unicycle, tight wire, balancing and swinging trapeze. To ensure that our youth have the best possible experience during their 5 days of camp, Green Fools invests in world class instructors, a spacious venue, professional equipment, t-shirts and a nutritious lunch for the kids every day. The Program concludes with a student performance for friends, family and the community.

As Dean says: “We use the circus as a non-competitive act. The circus motivates children. It’s showy and exciting and it builds confidence and life skills. It teaches them how to socialize, be responsible and respectful. That’s why it’s such a powerful tool for youth.”

Support our youth!

It costs $500 for each child who participates in Social Circus Camp and we have seen that it is definitely worth the investment.Children learn and grow at the camps, building their confidence, skills, self-esteem, and teamwork. We look to you as part of our community to help more Calgary kids experience the joy of circus camp.

Your support means the world to our participants:

  • $10 buys one child their nutritious lunch at camp for a day or their camp t-shirt
  • $20 buys one child their lunch at camp for a day and their camp t-shirt
  • $50 buys one child lunch for a whole week at camp
  • $100 buys 2 children lunch for a week or 10 camp t-shirts
  • $500 covers the cost of a whole week of camp for one child

How often do you get the chance to make a difference in a child’s life for such a small investment?

Donate now!

Thank you so much for your support of sending kids to our Social Circus Program as well as the other costs associated with running our excellent programs in Calgary. Please donate right now online at so we can plan how many kids we can invite to camp. We will send you a charitable receipt and then get back to you to tell you more about the experiences of Calgary youth at circus camp.

In gratitude,

Dean and the kids from camp

P.S. Thanks for supporting Green Fools’ circus kids with your donation now. We will also be offering the opportunity shortly to join our family as a member: you are so important to our work!!

Contact Us:

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