Isis: A Shadow Opera

The oldest love story
 ever known found shattered by time and buried in tombs. Told through shadow
 puppetry and song, secrets of Ancient Egypt blast through the past to pierce our hearts.

A song from Isis sung by Simone Saunders, Brent Podesky and Jamie Konchak.

Audience 12 and up
Language English
Genre Theatre, puppetry, music
Length 75 minutes
Availability Year-round
Requirements Indoor theatre space with black out potential
Created By Jennie Esdale and David Rhymer

Each life is a potential hero’s journey: we each are born, called to duty, face ourselves and meet our end. Myth and story are an essential aid, providing context and meaning. Myth unifies, reminding us of our humanity.

In Ancient stories, we see ourselves and themes that transcend divisions of culture, race, religion, class, gender, etc. and strike at the heart of the human experience. They beckon us through the ages and are as relevant in providing meaning and context for a life’s journey today as they were 5000 years ago when they were first recorded.

In Isis & Osiris: A Shadow Opera, the story is a codified selection of scattered remnants of Ancient Egyptian mythology resurrected and dusted off and put into a unified, cohesive, relevant, passionate and beautiful whole told through song/ music and mainly shadow puppetry.

The performers play all of the parts and even swap parts- for instance, a character may be voiced by more than one performer, or more than one performer at once. Harmonies are an essential part of the piece. Much of the puppetry is operated on an overhead projector. Music is played live. Don’t miss this inventive and compelling production!

Nominated for 3 Betty Mitchell Theatre Awards including Best Production of a Musical.

What people are saying

“Brilliant! Bold! Beautiful!” “Better than a real opera!” – Audience members