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Established in 1991 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Green Fools Theatre is a non-profit, charitable society that creates, performs, and teaches physical theatre arts focusing on masks, puppets, and stilts for diverse audiences locally and internationally.

Green Fools Theatre reaches tens of thousands of audience members each year through performances, community events, festivals, and creative training by extensive local touring, as well as some National and International touring.



Transcend expectations and create a truly unique event experience that will engage and delight your audiences. Whether it is on the stage, in the street, or in your home the GREEN FOOLS are masters at creating a magical world filled with unique artistic performers, extraordinary characters designed to be living works of art custom fit for your event. Whether their 10 feet off the ground or mingling amongst your guests our professional performers engage audiences with outlandish characters that will spark the imagination of children and adults alike.

CALL TO BOOK: 403-237-9010


Green Fools offers a variety of workshops, including:

  • Social Circus Programs
  • Physical Theatre Workshops in Schools
  • Circus Workshops in Communities
  • Stilt Club


Each new theatre show is hand crafted, original and collaboratively created. Each work takes two years to develop and employs many artists.


Gustavo the Impossibilist attempts feats of unrealized stupidity for your pleasure and amazement.

A skilled clown and expert at turning the unexpected into hilarity, Gustavo will bring the house down.



  • …simply a remarkable example of theatrical storytelling… The Green Fools remind us of the magic of theatre. This is one piece I would recommend to everyone I know. (Praise for "PROJECT: WHOOPING CRANE")

    Jocelyn GrosseFFWD Weekly
  • I have been a fan and supporter of Green Fools since their early work, The Agony & The Egg, at the 6th High Performance Rodeo in 1991. In the decades since, their unique, peculiar and vivid dedication to all things mask, puppetry and performance has continued to provide inspiration to the community - and beyond. They are a vital force within Calgary's theatre scene.

    Michael GreenOne Yellow Rabbit, Artistic Director
  • "It is with great pleasure that I write to you with regards to the Green Fools. I am always willing to work with the Green Fools knowing that they will deliver a quality, high energy performance and do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone hoping to make their event a great success!"

    Baruch LaskinPresident, Accolade Entertainment
  • Rapture Study in Seven Songs was my most magical experience at the hands of the Green Fools. Jennie Esdale's performance was mesmerizing and to contemplate the discovery of the artists from sensation to composition to physical interpretation was a meditation on rapture I will never forget. Their work transports, and isn't that always the point.

    Kathryn WatersArtistic Director, Urban Curvz Theatre
  • The Green Fools have always been such an inventive company. Every time I see a show they have created there is some beautiful surprise that captures my imagination.

    Vicki StroichExecutive Director, Alberta Theatre Projects
  • Green Fools Theatre brings creative, innovative art to the stage combining a full spectrum of talent. They give artists of all types a forum for creativity, and a place for Canadian art, music, poetry, puppetry, and acting to be combined and presented. It is a wonderful, magical theatre company that stretches the imagination for artists and audiences alike.

    Celene YohemasMusician
  • Greenfools and what I love: ~ The rare combination of ability, enthusiasm and energy melded to ethics, caring and determination. ~ Creativity and most importantly gifting the right to be creative and imaginative to the kids, families and bystanders. ~ The Greenfools bring a week of extraordinary possibilities to people who to varying degrees have never taken or been given permission to enjoy life, to trust themselves and others. ~ It is a joy to watch kids learn the fun of engagement through intense learning and working. ~ Most of all, the fools stay at my house and I am always overwhelmed by their unceasing commitment and the pleasure they take in each participant's growth whether it is simply learning to take part or to dance on high stilts.

    Marilyn BelakCity Councilor, Dawson Creek, BC
  • Becoming part of the Green Fools in my youth was such an amazing experience for me and was the beginning of a lifetime involvement in the performing arts. The community they continually foster has helped launch many artistic groups, including the Old Trout Puppet Workshop of which I am still an active member. The energy and intelligence the Fools bring to their performances continue to inspire me as a writer and I have always enjoyed being part of their Halloween Howls. And most importantly and personally, I met my wife at one of their cabarets, for which I am endlessly grateful. Keep up the great work, you guys!!

    James DavidgeAuthor
  • I will never forget my first Green Fools experience. There were puppets, fire and acrobatic dancers propelling off the side of a building outside. I watched them perform a musical number in absolute awe. This was nothing like I had ever seen before. Pure multi disciplinary creativity. What is also truly memorable was the sense of community of the Green Fools audience. I had only been in the theatre community in Calgary for a short period of time and didn't ever truly feel like a member of the community until I attended a Green Fools performance. Everyone from the volunteers to the performers were truly welcoming and accessible. I felt pure joy watching the performance and have been back every halloween for the last 7 years with a new group of new comers each year.

    Allison MooreCalgary Downtown Association
  • I can't even count the number of wonderful experiences I've shared with you. My memories go back to long before Crump Manor even - the very first "Out of Bounds" that playRites put on many years ago, forexample. It always set the standard for "out of bounds' experiences thereafter! The Fools taught me the beauty and fascination of clowning - again, setting a standard for many performances I have seen since. My first experiences with masque and circus were also at the hand of the Fools.  The breadth of your expertise doesn't stop there - community engagement - April Fools parade - along with breathtaking theatre, like Project: Whooping Crane, circus and clowning workshops for kids and adults alike. There is no end to the impact you have had on this community. I never see a stilt walker - or giant puppet! - without thinking of you. I mean it when I say you have taken me to places I would never have seen - and taught me lots. I can't imagine a Calgary without the Green Fools. I love you guys.!

    Dale TurriDevelopment Director
  • The Green Fools Theatre Troupe is an asset to the cultural landscape of Alberta and Canada. The training they provide for artists and the plays and social events they produce are unique and absolutely unparalleled. This creative juggernaut is ahead of their time and deserves all of the support they have earned from their community and funding partners.

    David DaleyUniversity of Calgary
  • The Green Fools Theatre Company has provided me with many opportunities to develop my music, theatre and directing skills which I have been able to transfer to my role as a Drama teacher, Multi Media teacher and now as an Assistant Principal. Providing free stilt walking classes, character classes and opening up the arts to the community to audition and perform with the company has given me the Professional Development I needed and the confidence to teach many of these skills to my students at the Calgary Board of Education. Working with the Green Fools provides a space for my creative side to grow. Over the past ten years, working with the Fools, I have gained skills that have enabled me to write, perform and direct my own musicals and find creative support from all members of the company. As an Assistant Principal I am an advocate for Fine Arts Programming and instruction in schools. I work in a high needs area in Calgary where many students cannot afford school fees that would contribute to field trips. The Green Fools have made it possible for many of my classes to watch performances such as “The Whooping Crane” and “Dancing On Water”. These two educational shows were well received by students and staff. Watching live theatre performances of the lifecycle of a whooping crane deeply impacted my students. Two years later, they still recall the story and can sequence the life of a crane. The students were able to engage with actors and puppets directly after the show and were inspired to create puppets in our classroom. The Green Fools have are a highly valued piece of the community, offering individuals the chance to express themselves and to inspire life-long learning.

    Susan FaulknerVice Principle/Musician
  • It is with the brain trust and talent pool of the Fools that I co-created one of the brightest stars in the crown of my career as a writer and director - Project:Whooping Crane. An actress friend told her mother she would kill her if she didn't go see the show. My mother and my sister both still clamor for a copy of a video. The Fools value me and my work, and pay me to work with them! This is a huge gift for me.

    Eileen SprouleWriter/Director, Edmonton
  • For more than two decades, the Green Fools have been a personal touchstone for the blend of distinctive individual artistic voice, community engagement and commercial success. They continue to do fresh, interesting work, and to excite me with each new show. It's an honour to have them in Alberta.

    David CheorosProducer of LitFest: Edmonton's Nonfiction Festival
  • The Green Fools Threatre opened my eyes to the wonders of puppetry and performance. The first time I went to a Green Fools performance, I was amazed at the quality of the puppets and also at the talent of its performers. Since then, I have attended several Green Fools performances and have attended many of their well-attended functions. My son is also a Green Fools fan and has attended some of its workshops and many of its performances. The Green Fools is a well-rounded organization that is run by great people.

    Leah LaydenDouble Elle Baker, Owner
  • "The Fools have been not only an integral part of the arts scene in Calgary for over 2 decades, but an essential service, ensuring that the basic doldrums of everyday life are washed away by the innovative, inspiring and effervescent productions and workshops offered by this company, arguably the only one of it's kind in Canada!"

    Dean StantonVisual Artist
  • The Green Fools exemplify a free spirited, fun, but hard working and focused mix.!

    Kris DemeanorMusician
  • The Green Fools are culturally integral to the theatre landscape in Alberta and Canada. Fringe Theatre Adventures has had a long and significant relationship with the Green Fools from the Edmonton Fringe festival to our presented season for young audiences. As a part of our Fringe Family series in 2009/2010 we presented their play Project: Whooping Crane. It was seen by hundreds of children who were mesmerized by their mask and puppet work. It went on to win a Sterling Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement, Theatre for Young Audiences in 2010. We could not have been more happy for the Green Fools and we look forward to future collaborations.

    Thomas ScottFormer Program Director, Edmonton Fringe
  • The Green Fools are the most consistently magical, wildly imaginative and reliably creative performance artists in Calgary. Their characters are deliciously oddball, humane and quirky. Let's be honest - there is perhaps no one else in Calgary that gives us so deep a well of visual richness and thoughtful, human expression. They're like a favourite author whose latest novel is keenly awaited year after year.

    Malcolm RussellMagician

24 years foolin’ around!

Artists are the centre of our Fools’ society; we are writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, inventors, teachers, singers, actors, acrobats and clowns. We utilize a variety of physical theatre, puppet and mask techniques as well as multiple artistic disciplines to tell our original stories, producing puppet shows and physical theatre productions that are literally out of the box inspired by our wondrous and mysterious world. With an eye on the past and hands on tradition, Green Fools Theatre also strives to advance our work and our art form by inventing and engineering new puppetry styles and ways of storytelling as well as innovative artistic processes merging content and form to create new world mythology. Our work is new and contemporary, handcrafted, original, and collaboratively created.l, national and international touring.

Ever wonder what it feels like to be ten feet tall?